Our Mission

We are dedicated to supporting homeless veterans with dignified housing that honors the sacrifices they made serving their country.

Green Vistas Veterans Village, Inc. is a 501(c) (3) organization [EIN 83-1262034] with a holistic approach to helping homeless veterans who’ve been living in the woods or on the streets for a lengthy period of time. These homeless veterans deserve to be treated with dignity and have shelter that most of us would find safe and comfortable.


Compassionate Dog Sanctuary

If a veteran, first responder, senior, or anyone has an extended hospital stay or passes without someone to care for their beloved four-legged family member, Green Vistas veteran volunteers will care for them.

Support services and programs for mental wellness will be provided. Smart home technology will be included to help veterans when triggered by anxiety, stress, or trauma. We want veterans to thrive, not just survive. That’s why we are based on the following three cornerstones for success:

Safe shelter | Food security | Supportive Community

Our Holistic Approach

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Many homeless veterans can’t receive earned benefits because they don’t have a physical address. Some are homeless because they suffer from disabilities like PTSD. Green Vistas will give them an address that’s safe & comfortable—along with a community of support.


‘Home’ of a veteran living in the woods in Central Florida. Some veterans do get Rental Vouchers for low income apartments. They don’t always work out. Some veterans can’t handle the noise of loud neighbors, kids running down hallways, doors slamming, etc. Some withdraw to nature for quiet solitude. They volunteered to serve our country. They deserve our help to heal.


A Community Hall will be included. It will have a community kitchen/dining area, a recreation room, biz center & a social worker’s office. Adjacent to the Hall will be an outdoor patio with grills and a garden. The Community Hall will be a place veterans can interact with fellow veterans and get help when needed.


Nourishing Food will be able to grow anytime of the year no matter what the weather is. The Green Vistas Container Garden will grow an acre of produce 3 times faster using 10% of the water inside a shipping container. No pesticides needed. It will run with a Smart Phone except for adding minerals & harvesting. Providing organic food for veterans can improve their health.

Sustainable Homes For Veterans

The planned Green Vistas eco-village of ‘smart’ container homes will provide safe shelter, food security, & a community of support. Benefit vouchers in noisy, low cost rental apartments rarely fit their needs. They need a holistic approach to help them heal. Shipping containers are used by the military for housing, offices, & storage throughout the world because of their strength, durability & low cost. Over eleven million are available and they are eco-friendly. Not chopping down trees for lumber helps reduce deforestation and saves tons of carbon from being released into the atmosphere.


John Russell of Kissimmee Display Models created this Shipping Container model. http://www.kdmodels.com

He and fellow members of the Blue Knights FL29 chapter donated it to Green Vistas Veterans Village.

Green Vistas Veterans Village is guided by the United Nations Sustainability Development Goals to help humanity by 2030. Our project aligns with 16 UN goals to have the smallest carbon footprint of any eco-village its size.

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